Merger & acquisition

At present, acquisitions have become a key strategy adopted by organizations to increase their market share, boost revenue and reduce overhead costs. Mergers and acquisitions are not only restricted to mainstream industries such as pharmaceutical, food/beverage, and crop sciences, but also in indirect spend segments such as HR, IT and Marketing. The story of global solutions providers cannot be told without mergers and acquisitions. Mergers are a significant source of new protein for the nutrition of global sourcing providers.

 Merger and Acquisition require deep analysis of organization, product, market condition, government action, cash flow etc. Nestor consulting has experienced and qualified team who has expertise in the merger and acquisition service. Our team will help you in examination of your business goals (short term as well as long term) and business strategy and then assist you in prepare merger & acquisition road-map. The road-map will assist you in following ways:

  • Guide you to find the object of merger or acquisition
  • Guide you to find the target company to merge with or acquire
  • Market Research analysis and Government Actions
  • Guidance on drafting of agreement
  • Guidance on Valuation price of Merger or acquisition
our Merger & acquisition services
  • Prepare a strategy for merger and acquisition
  • Accurate Valuation of Business/Product/Service
  • Performing due diligence (Accounting, Financial, Operations, Cash flow, etc.)
  • Evaluation of Operational and Financial issues
  • Preparation of Merger/Acquisition Risk Analysis Report
  • Support in Post transaction activities

The role of the Nestor Consulting does not over on the sign of the final paper. Nestor Consulting will assist our clients on post transaction activities. We understand that the post transaction activities are equal importance as pre transaction activities. Nestor consulting will assist you in the successful integration of business, helping in management of operation system, management style, culture and helping to get goals faster and more effectively.