Management Reporting

Accurate and reliable financial information is the foundation for business growth. Access to detailed, consolidated and precise information in the form of monthly, quarterly and annual reports can aid in developing strategies for business growth. Every businessman needs precise, relevant, latest and timely information regarding the performance of business. Management reporting can offer vital information related to turnover, profit, loss, cost, cash flow, etc. Board member of the company needs this information to boost performance, making new strategy, escalate profits, detailed analysis etc.

Nestor Consulting ensures accurate and timely reporting to the management that can help achieve better goals of the business. Nestor Consulting have years of experience in handling management reporting and the ability to tailor a solution to specifically suit the needs of any organization. Nestor Consulting is committed with our client to producing good results with the highest accuracy and quality. Nestor Consulting has an experienced team with domain expertise, to deliver management reporting services.


Benefits of Outsourcing of Management Reporting

  • Cost Savings
  • Management crucial time saving
  • Accurate reports available at predefined interval
  • Recommendation based on the information related to actual performance
  • Helping in better business decisions
  • Focus on core business activities


Management Reporting We offer

  • Preparation of periodically financial reports
  • Calculation of financial ratios and performance indicator to analysis performance
  • Identification of deviations, if any, and control measurement for them
  • Preparation of Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Preparation of MIS Reports
  • Support in decision and planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Customization report for management as per their needs